• sound_onoff

    Robert S

    01 11 2019


    Korpus 9 continues to serve up the finest space techno with a new EP from Robert S. It features four of his fantastic tracks and really takes you on a trip. Tornado opens up with deep drums that urge late into the night on frazzled synth lines. It's a real adventure, then 303 Weirdos has a soft acid line lacing up the supple, rubbery drums. Heedy and physical, it's a real hypnotic roller. Ditador then layers up more sci-fi melodic rain which rolls down over the firmly rooted drums. It's one to get the crowd in a trance and take them to the next dimension. Tetris then gets freaky with weird synth patterns looping over and over as rugged drums march below. This is an expressive and evocative EP of first class techno.

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