• sound_onoff

    Gravity Chamber
    Linus Quick

    22 05 2020


    German based composer & performer Linus Quick, who doesn't really need to be introduced, previously released his records on Second State, Arts, We Are The Brave, Octopus and more, now cooked another blockbuster for Korpus 9 this time. Known for his outstanding ability to combine hard techno kicks with melodic synth parts, without straying far from his original style made an EP consisting of four author's tracks and declared it Gravity Chamber. It all starts from Phoenicis and the main synth track in its epic incarnation, exuding all the greatness that it should have in such a minimalistic delivery. Beteigeuze goes straight after this giving more locomotive rhythmo along with a flashy cinematic mood. Faster we go with Hieroglyphen and its chaotically moving acid bass imperceptibly ticking into minor parts of the mystical chorus and the huge drop inside of the mix. Leda sums it up slowing down the pace with an accentuated kick and spiritistic pads around. Put simply and clean, another dense outing for Korpus 9.

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