• sound_onoff


    26 10 2018

    Korpus 9 Records kicks off with a brand new EP from dubspeeka, featuring four tracks of high impact and atmospheric techno. Korpus 9 Records is a brand new techno label from Russia managed by Kwazalski. The main aim of the label is to release fresh and innovative material, not only digitally, but also on vinyl. All the imagery and influences of the label come from an abandoned research station that is deep underwater, where unusual events are happening around it on a constant basis. Charged with the first release is shadowy Bristolian producer dubspeeka, who has put out his music on Drumcode, Senso Sounds and Get Physical, runs Skeleton Recordings and has a fierce techno sound. The opener here is Garrison, a driving number with heavy drums and a warm but edgy mood. Garrison 2 is more spaced out, with celestial pads baring a feeling of suspense above the firmly rooted drums. Garrison 3 then has lumpy drums that bob up and down, as acid lines, water sounds and metallic hits all add atmosphere to the cavernous groove. Last of all, Garrison 4 is an eerie dub techno track with real drive but also plenty of thoughtful emotions. It closes out a brilliant first EP on this exciting new label.

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