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    Anabiosis: Injection A
    Various Artists

    17 05 2019


    Unstoppable techno label Korpus 9 serves up a sizzling various artist compilation that features four tracks from some of the best artists in the game including Nikola Gala, ReAxis, Hanubis and Confluence. Nikola Gala goes first with Order to Chaos, which is a driving techno track that surges into the future on a slick wave of bass and mind melting synths. ReAxis then offers Core, a turbocharged cut with burrowing synths and raw, frazzled pads that will blow minds on the dance floor. For a more minimal track that is laced with sci-fi vibes and a molten acid bassline, check the excellence of Shatter Machine, then last of all Confluence comes correct with Tessellation Resilience, a hunched over and high tempo track that drives the groove home with hammering drums and forceful percussion. This is high grade techno weaponry that really makes its mark.

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